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The Biatec Corsair - A Dressy Pilot's Watch from SlovakiaJust as one American, the other who considers himself reasonably worldly watches , I have to admit i always wander away in terms of identifying countries with a map east of Germany until one’s eyes hit the landmass that is certainly Russia. It’s much like the geographical enigma that is certainly Colonial raised for an exponential level yes I still have trouible with that one too. And so I was required to do a little cartographical research prior to first date with my now wife while i learned that she was created and raised near your vicinity of Slovakia. Yes, folks, it’s apart from the Czech Republic (you wouldn’t believe how many people still say “Czechoslovakia of course, if you’ve never been, it’s an attractive and welcoming country. The topography is varied, the meals and beverages are worthwhile and supermodels seem to roam freely. Watches, though, aren’t an issue that pops into your head when thinking about Slovakia. Because of my fondness for that country and my impressions with the watch online breitling watches men , I had been excited to search hands-on using a piece proudly made quite near my wife’s hometown, the Biatec Corsair 05.The Biatec Corsair is done in SlovakiaBiatec is reliant in Zvolen, Slovakia, that is about 2 hours North of the country’s capital, Bratislava. If you’ve read about Banska Bystrica, sports watches you’re essentially there. The founder, Peter Kozar, came up with the brand in the past year after selling various brands of replica watches. He linked track of the co-founder and designer, Milos Jakubec to generate high-end, yet affordable, mechanical replica watches just like the Biatec Corsair 05. Milos is undoubtedly an accomplished watchmaker and assembles the replica watches in Slovakia. Where did the name result from? Biatec (pronounced “Biatex would be the name of a Celtic king shown on coins minted in Bratislava within the first century B.C., so it’s a reputation that links the nation to the watch. If you’ve ever heard the Slovak language, have fun here that Peter chose a not too difficult name to pronounce!The Biatec Corsair features an Eterna MovementA glance with the Biatec site will demonstrate to, firstly, that it’s well engineered and, secondly, that the brand supplies a various models. There’s the Majestic collection, the bit dressier and there’s the Corsair collection that harkens returning to classic pilot’s replica watches. All replica watches feature Eterna automatic calibers and range from roughly 1,000 1,500 Euros depending if delivery is taken within the EU or you cannot. I’ll get out your decision to determine if these replica watches count your efforts money, but upon hearing that Eterna movements were employed, I had been immediately impressed.As you can see, I went the aviator-inspired route with all the Biatec Corsair 05. The watch was shipped to me and arrived a seriously heavy package. Upon opening the shipping carton, I had been met with a very big black lacquer-finished box. It’s large and, mentioned previously, very heavy.Inside, the box is lined, cushioned and has a cutout area to fit the watch. At a presentation perspective, this has been an enhancement. Naturally, though, what lies within the box might be more important.An in-depth Blue dial around the Biatec CorsairDespite the truth that the Biatec Corsair I tested is often a running prototype (an Eterna movement with date wheel was inside regardless of this as a no-date model), I came away impressed with the overall finishing. I decided a blue lacquered dial (there are lots of choices together with a PVD version and another with gold plated hands and indices) with a 40mm stainless case because the blue looked incredibly rich on the site photos. I wasn’t disappointed with this particular personally it’s an attractive dial and another that’s really shown off using a flat sapphire crystal plus a very slim polished outer bezel. It includes lumed (Superluminova T3) hands and numbers which can be stylistically much like those we’ve seen on Zeniths along with the recent and controversial Patek pilot’s chronograph (ref.5524). In reality, Biatec produces a Corsair using a center mounted seconds hand that may soothe your desires for that recently announced, limited edition, Patek ref. 5522A approximately 5% from the price. 😉Some might call the Biatec Corsair 05 too derivative, nevertheless the style of numbers was popular on older pilot’s replica watches, so I’d think of it as fair game for anybody to use. The brand is nicely placed combined with company name. The model name, however, is used in silver script above 6:00. It’s an issue that took a little acclamating yourself with since it is removed as a bit whimsical compared to the all that watch. You’ll also notice that the dial incorporates a running seconds hand at 9:00 and also this serves to break up a dial that would otherwise seem a wide-open expanse. Be aware that the subdial is ridged and nicely done. Furthermore, i must talk about the “Made in Slovakiascript below 6:00.A big Stainless CaseCase-wise, I liked the Biatec Corsair. That winds up being a rather tall, chunky case due to thick Eterna movement, it’s slimmed down when viewed from your top which consists of narrow bezel. A similar can be said regarding the narrow lugs themselves. Speaking of those lugs, they’re nicely chamfered with enough detailing to justify the watch’s cost. Search between the two about the 6:00 side plus a riveted, numbered plate will there be using the Corsair’s serial number: an excellent touch. You’ll also note the massive, signed, onion crown usual for pilot’s replica watches. It’s actually screw down so it helps the watch have a water resistance of 100m. It’s actually a nice, tactile touch that, once more, adds some flair to the 3-hander.Visiting the innards, the Biatec Corsair uses the Eterna 3901A Caliber. In addition to the indisputable fact that Eterna has elevated the news nowadays, this strikes me as a very different choice for your own business. Largest, the partners at Biatec made a decision to eschew an ETA, Soprod, or Sellita and only a expensive automatic. As I mentioned above, this piece was obviously a prototype together a date-equipped movement inside, nonetheless it otherwise ran wonderfully. Flipping the watch over, you’re greeted by a rotor decorated to look such as the propeller of the Corsair WW2-era fighter plane. Underneath, the mainplate received an engine-turned finish. Normally, I’m not just one to fuss about display backs, but this one looks great! In addition, i enjoyed the big “Made in Slovakiaengraving throughout the caseback’s circumference.Nice Particulars on the Biatec CorsairThe Biatec Corsair was included with a ridged leather strap similar to precisely what is often seen on a Breitling. It turned out stiff, but softened after the couple wears.It had been a good strap that's signed around the underside and as well boasts a brushed, stainless and signed pin buckle.The watch looked great on my wrist, but if I could own one, I'm sure you’d notice over a more rustic looking strap.Top quality and Value MindedThe Biatec Corsair 05 will set you back 1380 Euros inside the EU and 1150 Euros for those who take delivery outside and could be ordered within the Biatec website. It’s tough to take a look at value and whether something is indeed a bargain as it’s quite subjective, nevertheless it felt and appeared to me like I became handling a thing that ought to be priced in this particular range. My only minor complaint with regards to the watch would be the “thickishcase, but as it’s not really a dress watch, I believe it’s appropriate. The detailing, top quality movement, and appearance on the watch certainly replace with this small concern. I doubt that you’re exploring the next mass-market brand when it comes to Biatec, however that doesn’t appear to be the essence owners anyhow. If your high-end, value-laden dressy sports watch is on your own list, consider an unorthodox choice from Slovakia.